Our Vision

Humans’ genes and lifestyles are incongruent! Our genome was originally developed when daily physical exertion was obligatory and our biochemistry and physiology were designed to function optimally under such circumstances. However, today’s mechanized, technologically oriented conditions promote, even force, us to have an unprecedentedly sedentary lifestyle: most people now spend the majority of their time awake sitting. The Sedentary Behavior and Health conference will provide a forum to address practical concerns, critical measurement and research issues The conference will spearhead an international social movement to recognize critical threats of sedentary behavior to human health and take major steps to redesign our environment and life, and eventually eliminate sedentary behavior significantly.

Our Goals

Our aim for the Sedentary Conference is to give current and accurate information to people such as exercise science researchers, specialists and practitioners, physical activity epidemiologists, fitness leaders, public health officials, health policy makers, integrative medicine practitioners, health care providers, physical therapists adapted PE specialists, and others! Our conference will provide updates and multidisciplinary views of sedentary behavior & health research and practice, address critical measurement and research challenges in sedentary behavior & health research, and explore the potential of the latest technology and methods. We will also exchange ideas concerning the latest research and practice progress in reducing sedentary behaviors, as well as provide training on assessing sedentary behaviors, statistical methods of related data, and programming on reducing sedentary behaviors.

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